Golden Mile Resources Quicksilver Nickel-Cobalt Project is composed of a single granted Exploration Licence (E 70/4641) with prospective ultramafic stratigraphy extending over more than 15 kilometres of strike. 


Golden Mile's exploration has uncovered nickel mineralisation in the southern tenement area, over more than 5 kilometres of strike - mineralisation includes supergene nickel & cobalt, with recent geophysics highlighting four anomalies for deeper drill testing.


Figure Q1 - Quicksilver Location

Figure Q2 - Quicksilver Geophysical Target


Quicksilver Nickel-Cobalt project is located in the South West Mineral Field, 300 km to the southeast of Western Australia’s capital city, Perth. The project is made up of one granted Exploration Licence (E 70/4641). This tenement covers more than 15 km of strike over interpreted ultramafic stratigraphy (Figure Q2).

The Quicksilver ultramafic hosts a significant area of outcrop in the south, at Garard's, which hosts an extensive nickel-cobalt anomaly covering more than 2,000 metres of strike.


Garards returns values of over 250 ppm cobalt and 2,000 ppm nickel at surface (Figure Q3), with shallow drilling returning intercepts in excess of 5,000 ppm (0.5%) Cobalt.

Figure Q3 - Quicksilver targets


The Quicksilver project has been held by a small number of explorers in past. Exploration by Otter in the late 1970s first identified the cobalt potential of the area. Subsequent exploration in the 1980s and 90s examined the gold potential of the Pingaring region, but fortunately included analysis for both nickel and cobalt. Most recently Australian Mining and Metals Group explored the area for iron ore, believing the magnetic high in Figure Q2 might be 'banded iron formation' - RC drilling proved this target to be nickel and cobalt bearing ultramafic stratigraphy. 

Previous drilling has yielded a significant number of highly anomalous cobalt intercepts (>0.1% Cobalt) in the near surface environment (<60 metres depth) at Garards (Figure 4). This prospect will be a priroity for the developing exploration program.

Exploration at Quicksilver will be multi-dimensional to evaluate the full potential of the project:

  • Complete surface geochemical sampling over areas of prospective outcrop within the tenement area (Figure Q3),

  • Systematic drill testing of the geochemical anomaly at 'Garards' will be undertaken to assess the potential of the prospect to host a significant body of near surface cobalt-nickel mineralisation (Figure Q4),

  • Assessment of the deeper potential of the Garard prospect for primary nickel mineralisation - exploration may include both geophysical surveys and drilling.  


Golden Mile will continue to update investors as exploration advances at Quicksilver. 



Figure Q4 - Garard Geochem & Drilling

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